The four seasons of spring


The Four Seasons of Spring is a womenswear collection that was inspired by the Hippie culture. The hippie culture was a youth movement that initiated in the US in the early 60s and eventually spread throughout the world. The hippie fashions and values influenced society through music, film, TV, fashion, art, and literature. The religious and cultural diversity that was advocated by the hippies has gained acknowledgement and belief throughout the world.

HippyThe fashion of the late 1960s and early 1970s consisted of mini skirts, flared sleeves and pants, bell bottoms, platform shoes, frayed jeans, big collars, tie dye, peasant blouses, and more. Bright colors as well as Indian and natural fabrics were prominent during the hippie time period. The following collection merges characteristics from hippie fashion with modern-day fashion.

The collection is called “The four seasons of spring” as it consists of pieces that can be worn throughout the changing weather conditions of spring (cool, normal, warm, and hot).  The Khaki bottoms are multifunctional with a zipper that easily converts the bell-bottom pants to bermuda shorts.

The woman who will embrace the following spring collection will be one who adores bright colors and light fabrics. She likes wearing clothes that are flattering to her form. This collection includes pieces that she could wear to work, the party after work, a casual get-together, or on a lazy weekend.

I randomly created these sketches a few years ago, which was the first time I drew a fashion sketch since 2004.  Somehow  after I made a few more sketches I stopped drawing again until recently and the first sketch I made recently  also happened to be inspired by the hippie culture.  I continue to be inspired by different aspects of the hippie movement and personally love the style and culture.  History is cyclical and the hippie culture in many ways continues to live on from generation to generation.


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